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The Garden Doctor team share a deep respect for wildlife, and a love of natural landscapes; we are committed to greener gardening for life. 


We aim to always… minimise waste, re-use  materials and rehome plants, reduce high carbon materials, select timbers which need no toxic pressure treatment and may even be sourced locally, include native and wildlife friendly selections in planting schemes, aim to make ponds safe for young children to enjoy rather than filling them in, make green roofed sheds, recycle rain water and create positive effects for the environment.

Environmentally friendly, living, breathing gardens,

to delight in, and easily maintain, all year round.




& feeding
pools & wetlands


Eco-friendly Gardening and Landscaping

Some of our favourite ways to enable humans, flora and fauna to thrive, together...

We at Garden Doctor bring extensive knowledge and care into everything we do, from the types of materials we use to strategic planting plans targeting specific wildlife.

While it’s tempting to think that gardening is inherently ‘green’, it’s not necessarily so.  

In the UK we often fill our gardens with foreign plants without realising they have very little or no ecological value and are even invasive.

Without expertise gardeners even with the greatest of intentions can unknowingly over dig our soil to the detriment of the soil structure, or spray, hoe and banish ‘weeds’ that might offer food and habitat to our natural fauna including the pests that are left with only our lettuces to snack on.

Most UK builders will use imported timber impregnated with arsenocyanides and build with cement products, entombing soil and adding to the water run-off problem in built-up areas.

Gardening at its best can increase and extend food sources and habitats for native fauna.  

We can provide space in our gardens at home and work for the enjoyment and contemplation of nature, for growing our own food and flowers and improving our mood and fitness.

Organic Garden Chemicals: We prefer to use cultural and biological controls and organic garden chemicals over inorganic pest and weed control.  That said, there are occasions when more noxious systemic herbicides are used to kill plants rooted into walls and other structures we seek to preserve. Soil improvers and fertilisers are also selected upon green criteria and efficiency.

A committed eco-friendly landscaping and garden design company:

Timber: we try to use locally sourced timber whenever we can such as Larch, Sweet Chestnut, Oak, Douglas Fir, Robinia. Most UK builders will use imported timber impregnated with arsenocyanides and build with cement products, entombing soil and adding to the water run-off problem in built-up areas. We only source untreated natural timber. We love the natural durable textures and colours and the charm of unprocessed timbers including poles and waney edge board. We use durable timbers such as Douglas Fir, Larch, Yew, Oak and Cedar can be used in place of treated softwoods.  Metal brackets, ground anchors and bitumen wraps  keep untreated timbers away from moisture and rot.

Seeds and Planting: We use UK-grown native species of plants and seed mixes.

Waste Removal: We operate a complete responsible waste removal policy. We recycle everything that we can.

We keep an eye on developments in eco-friendly landscape materials such as recycled plastic based edging and composite decking, laser cut fence panels and screens, heat treated timber, new paving ranges, nurseries and so on.  We also attend landscape trade shows and subscribe to trade forums, all so that we can offer a greener range of products and services at competitive prices.

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Commitmed to Greener Gardening

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